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My name is Sara Basma and it goes without saying that I am a lifelong dog lover and owner. I have worked, and continue to work, as a dog walker since 2014 and started my dog training education in 2017. I have studied with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, Canine Principles, Dog Training College and The School of Canine Science, where I continue to take courses to further my knowledge and professional development.  I have achieved a Canine Coaching Accredited Diploma with Canine Principles and I am a full professional member of the IMDT.

I know that being a dog owner is not always easy and can be challenging, and I promise not to judge. I will ensure that I give the best ongoing support and am here to understand and work through your struggles.  In addition, as a force free trainer, I do not use or support any aversive methods. I am committed to helping human and canine build a strong relationship using a holistic approach to canine coaching.

I am fully insured, DBS checked and trained in canine first aid.


My name is Mabel and I am a Jack Russell Terrier x Poodle. I joined Sara’s family when I was 11 month's old in 2014 and I had never lived in a house before as my last home was a barn on a farm.  I can appear overconfident, but it turns out that I am quite scared of some humans and I use my boldness to try and mask my fear. I have taught Sara lots about canine emotions and how important they are to consider when helping me to become part of a loving family. I have been incredibly happy to let Sara teach me new things, as long as I know I am safe.  I still have lots more to learn, but I am a willing student. I am also really good at teaching other dogs how to recall to the whistle when out at work dog walking, because I race back immediately and the others soon learn that it is a good idea and yummy treats will be waiting!


My name is Teddy and I am a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Bichon Frise. I joined Sara’s family when I was 11 month's old in 2017.  Even though I was young, it was my third home because I was being a bit destructive chewing lots of things and digging holes in the garden. Turns out the spaniel side of me is quite strong and I need lots of exercise and opportunities to use my sniffer and hunt. So, my new home and dog walking job is perfect for me and I have not ever chewed or dug up the garden (except helping to dig out rodents in the chicken run).  I was a challenge for Sara when it came to training as I lacked confidence in my abilities, so Sara had to learn to adapt her skills to support me. Now I am a whizz and love it when we get to try new things. As I said, the working dog side of me is strong, which made recall more of a challenge for Sara and, although not always perfect, I am pretty good, even when I have found a pheasant to flush!


1:1 Adult Dog Training (over 6 months old)

I can support and advise you on a variety of training and (non-vet referred) behaviour issues. I will first email you a detailed questionnaire, which needs to be returned before our first meeting. I will then come to your home for an 2 hour initial consultation and training session. Following this, I will send you a written report and training plan, additional handouts and videos for you to follow. Further appointments will be for an hour in your home or out at a specific location, if needed, so I can guide you through the training process. This will also be followed by session notes, handouts and videos each time. During this time, I will be available for additional email or WhatsApp support and for one month after our final appointment.


Initial Training package = consultation and three training sessions (5 hours in total) - £250

Follow up training = three training sessions (3 hours) - £150

Individual one hour follow up training sessions - £55


Puppy Packages

I can advise you on how to prepare for your puppy’s arrival, how to cope with the difficult first few weeks, teach you effective ways to manage your puppy and those most common puppy behaviours such as biting, toilet training, settling at night, as well as teaching all the basic training methods.

You can choose to have your first appointment before the arrival of your puppy so I can help you plan and prepare or you can choose to start your first session preferably a week after puppy's arrival. We will then meet weekly/fortnightly for 6 training sessions where we can troubleshoot and I will guide you through the training process. I will develop individual training plans to suit yours and your puppy's needs with handouts for you to follow. Training sessions are an hour long. During this time, I will be available for additional email support and for one month after our final appointment.


7 x one hour training sessions (including pre-puppy session) - £300

6 x one hour training sessions - £270


Walk and Train

If you feel you would like some extra support or guidance to make your on or off-lead walk with your dog more pleasurable, then this is the service for you.

I will meet you and your dog at an arranged location and walk with you and your dog. I will guide you through loose lead walking or recall under distraction, plus show you different ways to make yourself part of your dog's walk, how to manage seeing other dogs and people safely, and give simple training tips to make walks safer and therefore more enjoyable. In addition, if you would like your dogs to have some extra socialisation on a the walk and to learn by example, I can bring my dogs to accompany us also.

This service is for clients that have already had training sessions with me or have completed basic training with their dog. This is not appropriate for dogs that react to people, dogs or other things in the environment, please see the adult training package to help with this.

A free phone call to discuss your dog and make sure this service is appropriate is required and then appointments can be booked as and when needed. Although, please be advised that you may need to book well in advance.

PRICE: £40 a session (one hour).


Training Walks

Need help with loose lead walking, recall, meeting other dogs or people when out? If you find it hard to train your dog yourself, or just do not have the time, I can do it for you. I will develop a plan, train your dog and then do a handover walk with you. The first session will be an hour consultation in your homeor on location with you and your dog and I will teach you some simple training exercises you can do at home to help compliment the training walks. The number of walks needed will depend on each individual dog and training issue. I also offer free email/WhatsApp support for a month after the final session. Please note, this is not a dog walking service. One behaviour will be trained at a time. Due to limitations on my time, this service can only be offered to clients within 7 miles of EX16 7BJ.


£40 per walk (one hour)


Travel Expenses

I am based in Sampford Peverell, which is near junction 27 of the M5, in between Tiverton, Cullompton and Wellington.  

Travel is free for the first 10 miles from and to EX16 7BJ, after this there is a charge of 50p per mile


Sara was recommended to me by our neighbour and I would thoroughly recommend her to others looking for some 1-2-1 training sessions. The first thing I appreciated was Sara's quick response to my enquiry as I was at a bit of a low point when I reached out to her. Within the space of a week I've had two sessions, the initial consultation and the first training session, each of which were followed-up with detailed notes of the exercises discussed. She has been able to help me apply what I have learned elsewhere (from group training classes and online learning) to my dog and our particular needs. For example, in coming on a walk with us she was able to witness some of his behaviours that I'm finding difficult and give on-the-spot suggestions about what to do and when to do it. Never judgemental, always positive, she supports her suggestions with her theoretical knowledge such that I know why I'm doing a particular exercise. She tops it off with all important reassurance that I'm not letting my dog down and the right amount of enthusiasm to help me believe that we will reach our goals. I'm really looking forward to working with Sara over the next few months.


Sara is makes you feel extremely comfortable in her presence. This makes it easy to take on board her knowledge and training advice. Alfie loves her and enjoys the games and attention she gives him and therefore learns a lot. She supports the training with practice sheets and steps to move the basics forward. And is available to ask questions between sessions. Would definitely recommend her, if only for her encouragement and enthusiasm, and support, every thing else is a bonus.


Sara really knows her stuff. Never judgmental of you or your dog and has handy tips for every circumstance. I knew from the first time we met that I and my canine pals were in great hands. Have been working for just a few days on a plan Sara worked up for me and we are seeing benefits already.


When we got our puppy, Sara came and gave us great advice and training plans which helped with so many things, especially getting her to focus on us.  It was great being able to contact Sara when we encountered difficulties and working through them together to solve any issues.  We also worked really hard on her recall, which means that now she is old enough, she can safely join the Mabel’s Mates group walks, which she absolutely loves.

Rachel March

I have been amazed at the change in my dogs behaviour after only two visits from Sara. The exercises she gave us are simple to follow, but very effective. I have had many dogs and trained them successfully, but I was out of my depth with the one I have now. I have been to other dog  trainers before for problems we have had with my Labrador cross who had problems from before we had her, but their input was minimal and did not fix the problems. I have found that many things have improved as well as the behaviours we were working on. She is a much nicer dog now and I am no longer ashamed of her. Thank you so much Sara for changing our lives.

Hazel Newman

During lockdown I followed some of Sara’s videos and training tips to work with my two unruly Shelties, Sid and Poppy. I really thought that, aged 9, they might be too old to learn much, but Sara’s simple approach was very effective. Recall is much improved as is persistent barking at any movement detected outside the house. The suggestions for games are excellent and have livened up some long days when rain has made it difficult to go out. I only wish I lived closer so I could also get the benefit of Sara’s training techniques and her wealth of experience in person.

Lesley Higgs

I have entrusted the training of my dog to Sara who I can highly recommend both for dog training and exercising. My dog is a cross breed and suffers from an ‘overactive nose’, she loves to sniff everything and due to this is very easily distracted and her recall was almost non-existent. Consequently, during her early days of being a puppy I spent 3 hours at a local National Trust Park trying to persuade her to come back to me. Sara offered to help out with recall. She was already taking my dog out through her dog walking service, so this was going to work well. Sara, myself, and my dog spent several sessions in a large enclosed outdoor area to initiate training, she always ended each session with handouts to back up that training and doggy homework. Also exercises that could be done both indoors and outdoors. Our dogs are part of our family and mean the world, so it is important to trust and be happy with your dog trainer. I would recommend Sara at Mid Devon Dog Training.

Sarah Grey

Otis was attacked when he was a puppy and in turn has always been wary of other dogs he doesn’t know. Working with Sara has provided us with training techniques to support Otis when meeting new dogs, as well as helping to build his confidence….and ours!

Emma Skinner

Sara was great with Hendrix. She got to know him and us to come up with a bespoke training plan. She explained everything really well, gave us notes to follow at home and was available to give us support between sessions. Not only did Hendrix enjoy them, and all the extra sausages he got as part of the process, they’ve really helped and given us all new skills to use. Thank you!

Katherine Lamb


I am a practically assessed and qualified member of The IMDT. Members of the The IMDT must be able to demonstrate a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of proven, ethical and science based dog training and behaviour and abide by The IMDT Code of Ethics.

In order to retain membership each year, members must give proof of Continued Professional Development so that we are always learning and keeping up to date with new studies.

Following several years of study, I have achieved my Accredited Canine Coaching Diploma through Canine Principles.

A CPD Certified and TQUK Endorsed Puppy Specialist Program. On passing the final assessment, I have achieved a Level 3 ‘Award in Puppy Training’.

I am an assessed and approved Kids Around Dogs trainer. Kids Around Dogs specialises in helping families to positively train their dogs to live with children and to educate kids to respect dogs. KAD also helps children to overcome their fear of dogs.


Having undergone a personal assessment process, ensuring I met the high standards, ethics, and force and fear free philosophy, I was invited to become a Professional Member of the Pet Professional Network.

As an Assessed and Qualified Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (www.imdt.uk.com) I am proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol.

Covid-19 risk assessment and risk management strategies for dog trainers and behaviourists with a comprehensive test needing to be passed to be certified.

I have taken the Canine Principles Pledge of Kindness. I have committee to continue to learn through as many reputable and ethical channels as possible about how to help and care for dogs. I have committed to science-based learning and empathy with all of the dogs and people that I work with.


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