This is not a plug for encouraging people to use my services – honest!  However, I do think it is so important to ensure that you entrust the right person or service to care for or help you with your most special canine companion. 

In the UK dog boarding and day-care is regulated under Animal Activity Licensing Regulations 2018. Incredibly dog walking and dog training is still unregulated. This means that anyone can set up as a dog walker or dog trainer with little or no experience other than maybe being a dog owner themselves. I started by working for an established dog walker (that I am forever grateful to for starting me on my journey to where I am now) and would never have been able to set out on my own without gaining that vital experience first.

It is also mind-blowing to think that anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, with not a single course completed or qualification behind them Hopefully this will be changing in the near future and dog walkers and trainers will be brought in line with boarders and day care.  A step in the right direction has begun with the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter, of which the IMDT is a signatory. You can read more about it at

So, when looking for dog professional to help you, I urge you to do your research, check their credentials and read the reviews.

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